Provide clean water & improve sanitation

Provide clean water & improve sanitation

Some good news: In the past 10 years, the global community has made great strides to bring clean water to 2.6 billion people and sanitation facilities to another 2.1 billion. When you donate to effective water charities, you’re helping make universal clean water a reality.

Every year, over 829,000 people die from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene. Over a third of those deaths are children under five.

There are cost-effective and evidence-backed way to bring clean water and sanitation to those in need.
Our recommended water charities provide millions with with these basic, vital resources that all people should have — and we take for granted every day.
We all need clean, fresh water to drink. We all need sanitary conditions so that human waste is safely disposed. Yet, water and sanitation facilities are often scarce or unreliable in many communities around the world.

Turn the tide on the world’s water problems

With your support, HRSF can provide equitable access to the necessary “hardware”, including wells, boreholes, water tanks, toilets, taps and sewage infrastructure. However in many instances, without an informed and motivated community to maintain them, new facilities go unused and eventually break down. Likewise, improvements only go so far unless they’re combined with effective hygiene behaviors. To better enable long-term success, your support also helps us build the equally important “software”, promoting better hygiene and empowering communities with the knowledge and motivation to advocate for, build and maintain facilities and infrastructure.